Local Cuisine

Dining Out


With all overseas vacations, dining out is a pleasurable pastime and in most cases forms an integral part of your holiday experience. Phuket offers visitors not only amazing Thai food but a great array of international restaurants offering Italian, Scandinavian, French, German, Russian, Indian to name a few. On Our welcome tour we will offer you some well deserved recommendations to some restaurants that we feel would add to your holiday experience.


With such a variety of dishes and restaurants to choose from Thai food really has something for everyone. Often to those who have never tried Thai food before, may label it as maybe being too spicy for their pallet. While of course spice is something that can be part of some dishes and although you would not generally eat them at the same spice level as the locals would, all restaurants here will adjust spice levels to your liking. The best thing to remember is that Thai food offers so much more than heat though, from it’s array of delicate fragrant dishes that are infused with fresh herbs and spices such as Thai basil, Lime leaves, fresh Coconut & Galangal that will make soups, salads or curries taste absolutely amazing.

Fish and Seafood are affordable delicacies here along with the usual Chicken and pork etc. but there is also a wide range of amazing vegetarian dishes also to cater for all dietary requirements.

Thai people love their food, and if they are not eating they are planning their next meal, eating is a real passion, even the most basic of restaurants that you will come across will buy just enough fresh produce for their day and head to the market the next day to make everything just as exciting again. This attitude towards their passion of food is evident and to be admired and definitely experienced and enjoyed!

We will recommend some restaurants that have obvious visual appeal, but do not over look some of the more simpler basic looking cafes & restaurants as they are some of the best, serving amazing simple food with a friendly Smile!!

“Food in Thailand is an experience that is always remembered and rarely forgotten!”